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Why Sourdough?

Stone Ground Flour

+ Sea Salt + Water = Living Bread


It’s just that simple!


We bring bread back to life!


Living Bread has natural occurring wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria that ferment for 24 hours. This slow fermentation creates an abundance of micro biomes, fiber, and various nutrients that are all good for our gut.  This method makes sourdough a prebiotic, which feeds you friendly bacteria and nourishes your micro biomes for optimal health.


We use Stone Ground Flour from Janie Mills Farm.  Stone ground flour still holds its wheat germ and bran, which contain numerous Vitamins & Minerals. 

About The Baker

My name is Christy and I'm a wife and homeschooling Momma to three little inquisitive and energetic children. A few years ago I wasn't eating bread at all.  I had bought the idea that all gluten was toxic, and that at best, bread was just a bunch of empty carbs. Well, I wasn't too far off, because the bread I was eating was dead! 

Living Bread Co. was born when I discovered the way bread had been made for millennia.  How just three simple dead ingredients (water, flour, and salt) left alone for a few days, could resurrect as a living prebiotic organism teeming with essential nutrients and minerals.

Needless to say, I was sold!  I began baking my own bread regularly and my passion to share it with my neighbors, friends, and family has brought me here today.  My hope, is that you are blessed with Living Bread, and come to love it as much as I do!

John 6:35